Our Wildflower Team is committed to making your visit enjoyable and affordable. For this reason, we offer a series for many of the high-demand services we offer. A series features the same attentive care provided in all of our sessions as well as a price reduction when services are purchased in advance to show our appreciation for the continued loyalty of our valued costumers.

6 Goddess Facials (60 min) for $450/6 Goddess Facials (90 min) for $625

6 Ceyet Massages (60 min) for $450/6 Ceyet Massages (90 min) for $625

6 Sports Massages (60 min) for $500/6 Sports Massages (90 min) for $700

5 Infra-Red Sauna Sessions for $90/10 Infra-Red Sauna Sessions for $170