“Your body is your temple, a life force unto itself.  Housing all of your memories, every expression, every joy, every sadness, all your memories. We must treat it with such care, reverence, and honor.”

Ceyet Signature Massage
(“Ceyet” meaning Lake by the Native American tribes of the Northwest) Our integrative massage session will help you release tension and stress. In this massage we use hot stones, warm towels and custom blended body oil made with locally harvested wildflowers and herbs hand picked and sun-infused. This relaxing treatment will help you to balance your energy, feel peaceful, and allow you to reconnect with your inner spirit.
60 min $90 / 90 min $125

Sports Massage
A deep-tissue massage targeting sore, over-used muscles to help speed healing, balance musculature, and enhance athletic performance.
60 min $100 / 90 min $140

Rescue Remedy
A Wildflower Signature Massage including; warm stones, aromatherapy oils, hot towels using our in house, Wildflower Herbal “Well-being” oil applied to face and feet, and followed by a 10 minute peppermint herbal oil and invigorating foot treatment. Our Rescue Remedy will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
90 min $130

Earth Keepers River Rock Stone Massage
You’ll experience the elements of the earth, fire, water, and air as we balance your body and spirit with this ancient Native American tradition. This massage combines dry brushing for exfoliation, warm, smooth river rock stones, Swedish/deep tissue massage, reiki/energy balancing, crystals, and oil with flower essences. It is one of the most grounding and centering types of spa treatments.
90 min $160

Mom-To-Be Massage
Here the signature WF Massage is customized into an excellent maternity massage with props and pillows for relaxed comfort.
60 min $100/ 90 min. $150

Couples Massage
Your romantic treatment will include our Signature Wildflower 75 minute massage, our in-house made, Wildflower Love oil for the etheric heart, hot stones and a 15 minute reflexology foot massage.
90 min $240 Per Couple

Girlfriends Getaway
Your luxurious treatment will include our Wildflower Signature 75 minute massage, in-house made organic lavender or rose body oil, hot stones, and a 15 minute scalp massage.
90 min $240 (for both)


Hot Oil Hair Treatment & Scalp Massage
A Wildflower Spa favorite, our warm oil scalp treatment is pure heaven. In a matter of moments, your body and mind will be brought into complete harmony. We begin your treatment with warm stones placed on your belly, heart chakra, and behind your neck. As the stones warm your body, we place steamed towels infused with calming essential oils, to your face, hands, and feet. Afterwards, your therapist will then massage your hands with our own infused organic Wildflower oil and place two warm stones in each of your hands. Then, you will be lulled into pure bliss as warm oil, infused with flowers, is gently poured and massaged over your scalp, neck and face. This treatment helps to ease the nervous system, the mind and takes you to a place of inner peace and calmness.
45min $75 or 30min add on to any service $50